*dont get too attached to me
~*The Phoney Club Heartbreaker Collection*~
~* stroll with us over the boulevard of broken dreams where illusional love is smooth as silk and sweet as honey *~

what is your name? *

do you believe in love at first sight? 

which romantic movie would best describe you?

when was the last time you fell in love?

(we won't tell anyone)
can you tell us a secret?

don't be shy

A. heartbreaker sweater kids 4-6yrs €39
white embroidery on pink crewneck limited edition

B. heartbreaker sweater €50
pink embroidery on pink crewneck limited edition

C. #romance t-shirt €30 (SOLD OUT!) 
white embrodery on white cotton Tshirt
limited edition

don't want to buy? > no hard feelings! scroll down and choose submit to participate your previous answers; we will truly love you for that. 

WOW this {{answer_7036704}} will look super hot on you!

What size are you?

where does your new eye candy in a size {{answer_7037372}} has to go to?

fill in your name and address (>free shipping in the Netherlands!)
WOW impressed by your great taste!
we truly love you for that
True Phoney Love,

*we will contact you with payment details
The Phoney Club
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